How to Keep Track of Your Career Goals

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ is a popular adage that has some real meaning for anyone hoping to achieve tangible goals and objectives in their career. It’s one thing to want to reach a certain level or work in a particular organisation or industry, but actually getting there takes some serious planning and tracking. Read on to find out how to make – and reach – your career goals.

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Super Bowl, but a bit classier?

We’ve all been to the Super Bowl at a friends’ or at our own home. Each year it’s pretty much the same. While many prefer it that way, it can be fun and exciting to change things a bit. Read on to see our suggestions. Read More


Cool Promo Items That Are Kid Friendly

Are your clients a bit younger than most? Do you want to give away promo items that both parents and kids will love? Because promotional items should be tailored to your target audience, useful, and a real investment, you should not discount purchasing promo items (in some cases) with kids in mind. Here, we will talk about a few cool promotional items that also work as great kids gifts. In most cases, you can purchase such items with your company logo, or even personalize them for each individual client or child.

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Why Travelling is The Best Thing You Can Do

There are many ways to live one’s life, but travelling is the best one. There are so many reasons why one should travel and see the world that an entire book would not be enough to describe them all. Why is travelling the best thing you can do? Why is it that so many people simply choose to pack their bags and go off into the world? We have gathered some of the things that make travelling endlessly amazing, so read on and convince yourself that travelling is one of the best things to do in life.

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Apartments: Rent or buy?

We all have to live somewhere, but some people choose to rent their apartments (or even houses), while other choose to buy their places. Each of these options comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It is of the utmost importance that you understand both of the “sides” before you decide on anything.

With that being said, read on and find out more about the above-mentioned options and pick the one that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

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What You Should Look out for, When Renting Vehicles

Regardless of whether you rent a vehicle while you are travelling or if you rent it “at home”, you will definitely want to make sure that you are putting your money into something that is worth it. Which are the things you absolutely have to look out for when renting vehicles? Read on and find out more.

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Travelling Without a Phone. Can It Be Done?

Travelling is the best way to discover yourself and the world around you – and this stands true regardless of where you choose to travel or even for how long. However, travelling is very frequently “sprinkled” with hundreds of questions (especially for someone who is just a “beginner” in this “art”).

One of the things you may wonder is whether or not you can travel without a phone. The short answer is “yes, you can”. However, there are some other things you should take into consideration. Read on and find out more.

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Which Type of Phone Should I Get?

We live in a world where not owning a cellphone is a rarity. However, if you plan on changing your phone, you are most likely feeling overwhelmed by the huge variety of options out there. A couple of decades ago, buying a cellphone was related to simple and easy to understand factors; such as price, the size of its memory and appearance. These days though, the possibilities are limitless – and that’s precisely what makes a decision so difficult to make.

Which phone should you get? Here are some things to take into consideration before rushing into making a purchase.

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The Basics of Meditation and How It Can Change Your Life

Sadly enough, we all live very busy, very stressed out lives. We run from work back home and from home back to work – and in between, our inner selves are feeling lost, stressed out, anxious and depressed.

Believe it or not, the Eastern culture knew better when it comes to these feelings – and this is why it is there you will find some of the best alternative practices that can help us live better lives. Meditation is one of these practices. What is meditation, more exactly? What are the “basics” behind it and how can it change your life? Read on and find out more.

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The Coolest Technological Advances This Year

2014 has been good with us from many points of view – and technology is definitely one of them. From the iWatch to Oculus Rift, 2014 has been so generous for tech-lovers out there that it’s impossible to get near the end of this year without mentioning at least some of the coolest technological advances.

Which were the most awesome? Which have real chances of becoming the next big thing in technology? Read on and find out our opinions.

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